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Mama Bear (5)

Had a wonderful time in CdA bummed we lost a few hours and therefor we weren't able to hike Tubs Hill and take a dip in the lake as we had hoped.  But had a blast non the less.  The next day we made our way to stop # 7 Mt Rainier.  Hoping that it too wouldn't be smokey.  We did have to reroute a bit due to some road closures from fires.  (At this point we are really feeling like maybe we should go home it feels as through the entire western US is on fire).

Here is what we saw for 3 days of driving... A red sun and lots of smoke!

We roll into Mt Rainier and just the beauty and mountains start to refresh and remind us of our original goal.  We are able to see some of Rainier through the hazy smokiness.  And really hoping the smoke goes away and we might be able to make it to Reflection Lakes for some photos and maybe even some night photography.

We enjoy the first day up in Paradise and walked to Myrtal Falls, enjoyed the Lodge which is very rustic and cute.  I think I bought 4…

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