Learning Place Values

Well we are nearing the end of the year and I wasn't so sure Jake was grasping the concept of place value. So we played the "Three Pots" game. Super easy and super fun. It comes from a fun book I have. Anyway we set out 3 pots and labeled them, ones, tens, hundreds. Then I gave Jake 9 beans he stood behind our line (masking tape or anything else you can use) and I sat near the pots as the catcher. So we got started. After he threw all 9 beans I got a piece of paper with three long dashes on it. I had him write out the numbers (which I counted for his writing for the day). I asked "how many hundreds did you get?". Then he wrote out his number. Next I went and tried to beat his number. "Oh I get it" was Jake's response (not that he fully grasped place values just then but he got how to win) and then when Jake say's that, it means IT'S ON and the whooping began. He likes to win so he aimed for the hundred with every bean. But they don't always go there. I mixed it up a bit and folded the labels so he wouldn't know which bowl was the hundreds but he found this less fun. Anyway we've been having a fun time playing and exploring place values this way. Even Faith got in on the fun.


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