Forget the Crockpot bring out the Pressure Cooker

So I love my crockpot but if I forget, or don't get it started so it has the 4-8 hours it needs to make the meal we don't have a meal.  Often time I'm looking at 30 min and what can I whip up in that time.  Which bring me to the PRESSURE COOKER.   I got this for christmas 2 years ago, last year I worked up the nerve to try it.   I loved it!  7 minute for rice.  30 min for home-made spaghetti sauce that taste likes it's been cooking all day, how about a whole meal in the "pot" in 10 min.  Oh I love it.  So here are a few of my staple recipes. Oh wait before the recipes lets go over a few pressure cooker basics.

Pressure Cooker Basic
First a pressure cooker is basically a pot with a "pressure" sealed lids on it.  It has a dial with (usually) 3 settings.  The steam images = letting all the pressure out of the pot, 1 = the slowest cooking pressure, 2 = faster cooking pressure.

The yellow thumb slide locks the lid and unlocks it.  The small yellow dot rises when the pressure is high in the pot. Once you turn off the heat and let the pressure out the dot goes down and you can unlock the lid. 

Second I've only been doing this for about a year but I was lucky enough to live next to a brazilian cook who used one everyday and believe me it smelled so good outside, anyway she encouraged me along the way.   First a few things to keep in mind.

- A Good seal ring (the little rubber thing) no cracks, etc.
- Make sure you add enough liquid for the pressure
- You'll need to make sure the seal is tight and locked
- Don't open it till you release the pressure.

Really it's super easy. This is the video I watched.

So I kinda do things my own way, I'm not really big on following the rules.  So I take the basics and make it up from there. So here are the recipes. 

Pressure Cooker Rice
- Tbsp Olive Oil
- Pad of butter
- 1/2 onion chopped
- 1 cup Basmati Rice
- 2 cups water
Optional - some times a throw in a few fresh herbs I like cilantro best for this.  Sometimes I add raisins and pine nuts.  Or what ever else strikes my fancy.

Heat the pot on the stove, add the oil and butter, add the onion and cook till translucent.  Add the rice and let the butter/oil coat the rice.  Add the water.  Bring to a boil and then seal the lid.  Set timer for 4 min.  That's it your done.    You can also add chicken in but fully cook it in with the onion then add the rice.  And you have dinner chicken and rice.

Spagetti sauce
- Tbsp Oil, butter, salt and pepper and any other seasoning you like
- Fresh Basil (the more the better)
- Chopped Tomatoes (depending on how much you want to make if you don't have enough you can add canned tom's)
- 1 onion chopped
- Some garlic
- Any other veggies you like.  I use carrots, zuckini, mushrooms, red peppers and such.  Really it depends on what I've got or not. I rough chop them (since my family won't eat them any way I usually blend the sauce after so they have to eat them :)

Ok so heat the pan, add the oil and butter, then onion and right before they are done add the garlic until it's just fragrant.  Then I add the veggies and toms.  Once they are cooked nicely like 5 min.  I add Tomato sauce, or chicken broth and tom paste which ever I have on hand.  Seal the lid, place it on #2 and cook for about 20-40 min.  Then turn it off, let the pressure out and I usually blend it.  Then I put it back in the pot and add the basil cooking for another 10 minutes.  Taste and add what ever you think it needs.  Me I love chili pepper, or a pepper sauce.  Put it over quinoa past and yum!

I've also done an awesome Chicken Soup, Bean Soup, Beans, etc.  Basically what ever you usually cook but cut off 2/3 of the time.

Well I hope my little blurp on Pressure Cooking has encouraged your to give it a try.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I am debating getting a pressure cooker so I can can veggies next summer but had totally forgotten that it is a great time saver in the kitchen. Fond you via Keeping it Simple.

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