Fraction Fun

So my oldest, is well the guinea pig with everything in my parenting and home-schooling.  Needless to say she is an amazing reading and reading chapter books by age 5 which to tell the truth I'm really not sure how it happened.   Neither of my other two have been that way.  Anyway I feel short in the math department but it works out good since I can now teach her and her brother at the same time.  Needless to say I included my 6 year old main because she wants to do everything they do.
 So when it comes to math I've learned a very important lesson.  Learn math concepts in concrete ways FIRST!  To do that you need lots of fun games.  Then when they can understand the concepts in this way concrete (or manipulative) just means they can actually count two beans and add three more beans to learn that it makes 5 beans.

So this is fraction fun.  I had the kids cut 5 different colored paper in 2in strips.  Then we (and when I say we I mean they, as I was in kitchen loading the crock pot with our dinner while they did the work) folded them; in half, in quarters, in 8th and lastly in 16th.  Then we cut on the folds and labeled them.

My son is way, I mean WAY into origami right now. I think he could make everything out of paper.  Anyway he made the die and add a marble to the inside so it rolled nice.  Then we labeled the dice as follows; 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 2/8, 1/16, 2/16.

The kids took turn rolling the dice and then add the fraction amount to their whole strip.  The object is to fill up you whole strip first.  But toward the end this gets trick since you will need a specific fraction amount to finish.   This really helps understand not only the concept of fractions but more importantly their relationship to one another.


  1. exactly! (about using manipulatives) I definitely need to work on fractions with my students too - but didn't think I could teach it as a class because I didn't have enough of the fraction longs - duh, I should make my own! Or even have my students make them? Thanks for sharing!

    I just posted about teaching multiplication and division with manipulatives - you might enjoy checking it out -
    Brie @ BreezyPinkDaisies

  2. Oh Thanks Brie. I'm going to check out your post now. I love ideas that inspire me to help them. Thanks for commenting.


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