Upcycle T-shirt

Taking dad's old T-shirt and making a new fun one for my pre-teen.

STEP 1 Cutting
Cutting along the white lines. First I cut the neck to the desired width. Then I cut the sleeve off (put them aside we'll sew them back on in step 2). Cut the bottom off.

STEP 2 Sewing
You can serge (mine was acting up) so I just did a fancy zig zag stitch around the neck line.  I left the bottom cut and this is what I did with the sleeves.
 I took one sleeve cut off about 2in and then cut it in half.  Lined up the half way point on the new sleeve to the shoulder seam and sewed it down.  Then I folded it back so it looked the above pic.

This is what you should have now.

STEP 3 Painting 
I got out my Tulip fabric paint and free handed some circles and flowers.  I did a few extra marks to become flowers in the next step.

STEP 4 Glitter & Bleach 
 Then I added glitter again from Tulip.

 Then I added some free hand flowers with my bleach pen.

STEP 5 Tulle
 Then I cut out about 3-4 layers of tulle flowers and sewed them on the bottom three flowers.

My daughter was thrilled and loved her shirt.  So 1 t-shirt saved from the rubble pile and made into a new shirt for my daughter successful day!

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