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Ok so I live in LA and I feel like I'm always finding out about cool shows and things to do after they happen.  So last week I found out about the Dwell on Design show that was this past weekend in LA, I decided I'm going.  I love the Dwell magazine.  If you aren't familiar with it you should be it's awesome.

So we went to check out the PreFab Home Builders and saw a few.  They were awesome by far our favorite was BluHomes.  And they are opening a model right here in Agoura down  on Kanan Rd.  The model we love too.  Here is a picture and link.

Then I heard about this Passport to Design competition they were having and decided it would be so fun to enter.  After having just completed a design project for a Green Room which was so cool.  I'll post some finished photo's of that later.  But back to Dwell on Design (#dod2013)... Here are a few highlights of what we enjoyed...

I don't know how I missed this on the way in, but when we left the show we snapped this of the kids.

 There was a great booth with cool art.  Like these ones.  Which we goofed around with..

Wouldn't this be so cool.... to replace chalkboards and whiteboards with this lightboard.  I love it!

 I so love these lights.  I even pinned how to make your own on pinterest... but they are made of paper.

 Silly shot of Faith.

 Then we found these live art murals happening and they even had a spot of kids to draw!

Had to take this shot with Kelsey.... she's thrilled can't you tell.

Oh and back to the Passport to Design.  In the program they was this page where you collect "passport" stickers from participating vendors.  I thought you had to get them all but later I found out you only have to get 3.    Anyway this is the amazing part.  I WON!  I designed a room and I won.  I loved the VividAR™ software  I have to say it was a bit challenging for me in that I'm use to drawing a design.... but I loved it and could so get use to doing up designs this way.  So fun and cool to see it in a photo of the actual space.    Here is a link to the Dwell on Design announcing the winners page.  I still can't believe it PINCH ME!  Oh this is the winning design I did.  I choose oranges because it's Kelsey favorite color.  Click the photo to go to the link.


  1. Kayla, this is just so awesome! I'm so proud of you!! What are you going to buy with all that $$$$$?!

  2. I know. I keep thinking oh my goodness.. what a treat... I can't believe it, etc. As for the $ I'll put it in the bank and use it for a down payment to buy a house... at least that's my hope!!!


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