So what does it mean?

What does that mean?

Pinterest...... Well remember magazines?  Remember find cool projects or pictures or designs or receipts  and think I want to make, do, etc.... that?  Then you cut out the article, picture, recipe or what ever it was?   It's basically an online version of that but you won't loose that piece of paper somewhere or get water spilled all over it and have to throw it out.  

Ok so I love Pinterest.  It's my new of I don't feel good, I'm bored, I'm lame, I'm what ever and want to feel better thing to do.  Go to and walla thousands of dazzling images, picture and ideas that renew me!  I'm not really into Facebook.  Mainly it's just so many words and then you get people who should have been a writer typing posts that well are SO lengthy I mean who reads it beside themselves over and over again.  I'd rather look at a 1,000 picture then read 1,000 words!

Ok great so why do I do it?

First a word you will need to understand "PIN" this is not your code you type in at the ATM.  This is a verb and it means basically to bookmark this picture, website, page, etc.  "PINNED" items go on to your "BOARD".  Ok so that's the grammar.  So we'll go on to the why..... 
Well let's say you like to cook.... you can go on to pinterest and view recipes, cooking tips, etc. that other people have pinned to their boards and see if you like something and pin it from there.  Or you can parouse the internet and pin items directly from there.   When you are ready to cook or want to look back on that tip you read about you can log on to Pinterest and click on your cooking board and then all the websites, blogs, recipes, tips, etc that you have pinned are right there in one place.  If you are extremly visually like me this is much more usefully than a list of bookmarks online. 

So WHY to catalog, keep track of or remember things.

So how do I do it?
First you will need to create an account.  You already have at least 1,000 accounts, I mean I have to get a book for all my usernames and passwords so one more won't kill you!  Also if you are on Facebook you can just log on using your Facebook account and then your done.

Then you need to log on

So this is what I see when I logo on.  We'll break it down but t his is it.
First the search box.  So you are looking for pumpkin recipes (let's say) you just type than in and see what pins come up.  Or maybe you just want to look around in a broader topic like cooking... 

So see those 3 little lines next to the search box?  It's a drop down menu. You click on it and you'll see 

A drop down list of all the different categories you can search through of pins other people have pinned.    I frequent the DIY & Crafts.. and fashion.

Ok so I typed in pumpkin recipes and there I have a bunch of wonderful picture to look through I can scroll down and keep scrolling down will reveal lot's more and more and more pictures.  Now these picture are links to websites.  So with in each picture you will notice a comment below the picture.  That is the person who pinned it's comment.  Then there are other comments or likes under that, those are friends of the pinner or just who ever saw it and commented on it.  Honestly I don't care about that part I'm just into the pictures.

If you notice in this picture above there is a chocolate kiss on top of a cookie. I have "moused" over that "pin" you will notice that there are 3 little boxes on the top of that picture that are not about the others.  Those only appear when you mouse over or click on a picture/pin.  So I have 3 choices I can do with this pin.  

So I can "Pin it" to my board, "Send" it in an email to someone or myself, or "Like" the heart it.
Let's say we pin it.

Ok so this box will come up.... You'll notice the first thing it say's is board and next to it is a drop down box that say's CC..... Since this is a recipe and not a school thing (We do a school program called CC) I'm going to change that to say "Cooking"..

How did I do that?   I just clicked on the arrow and a list of all the other boards I created came up.  Now if you just opened an account you may have some preset boards.  You can change them, add to them, etc.
Then if I want to add a decription as to why I'm pinning this.  Like "I think Kelsey might like to make these for her class for halloween" then I'll click pin... now if I want everyone on FB to know I've just pinned this I can click the box next to Facebook.  

You can check how I've organ/ized my boards here

Well that's a little intro to Pinterest  I hope you have some time to start pinning!


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