How I cook a whole chicken in 30 Min

My mother in law got a an awesome new pressure cooker for my birthday I love it!  Here is how I make a whole chicken in 30 using my Pressure Cooker XL.

Season chicken (Seasoning of choice herbs & Salt or coat in BBQ sauce)
Turn on pressure cooker and press CHICKEN/MEAT BUTTON.

Melt butter in pressure cooker, Brown chicken on all sides

Then Press Keep Warm/Cancel after browned nicely… (much browner than my picture)
You can add in more sauce, chicken broth, veggies, what ever flavors you like.
 Put on the lid
 Lock it in place and make sure the steam valve is locked too.
Then press the SOUP/STEW BUTTON and then press the COOK TIME SELECTOR button until you reach 30 min.

Then you are done it's seriously that easy!!


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