by Kelsey Retich

This is an update of my mom's post from 2011 

Making our own advent calendar is a special tradition that our family has been doing for many years.  Each year as memorable and different as the last. We usually resort to our staple look, a house with doors and windows that open up to be the different days of December!  Through the years my siblings and I have done more than our fair share of cutting out windows, doors, plants, wreaths, people, cars, dogs, trees, presents, stars, and plenty other christmasy what-have-you's from every magazine we could find, as well as getting covered in glue trying to paste them on in all the right spots! The original post is quite, well,  homemade, but not very pretty! Fortunately as our art skills improved, so did our advent calendar making skills, thus calling for an update to the old directions.

This is our finished product this year! Quite a fun improvement from our older years, and just as much fun! 

The orginal post here:   

  • Large sheet of black paper (we wrapped our around an old bulletin board)
  • White Chalkboard markers (we use Pen-Touch)
  • LOTS of Magazines 
  • Scissors 
  • Glue
  • Exacto knife (or scissors if you're really talented) 
  • Sharpie

First thing to do is to take your large sheet of paper and draw your house outline with your chalkboard markers. Inspiration for this house came from drawings of old victorian houses and Pinterest (where else?)

Get out your magazine stash! Cut out as many christmasy or just cute doors and windows as you need. If you find other stuff you like too, you can cut them out and glue it to your house as decoration!

Once you have your house outlined and your doors and windows cut out, you can glue them down however you want to, however be warned, this step requires your hands to be coated in glue! And I mean COATED.

After you glue them down, you can add decorations to your house with the marker, curlycues, dots, little designs, anything to make it your own. Now take out your exact knife and take your house and lay it on something to cut on (we use a cork board, but any old cutting board would be fine as well)  and cut around all your doors and windows!

Add white paper all over the back of your windows and glue it down. Then you can decide what days to label your doors with, and then you can write in fun activities in the spaces!

Hope you and your family enjoy making this fun calendar and that it brings lots of memories! Have a wonderful Christmas season! -Kelsey Retich


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